Autumn waters run deep (V2)

Don’t worry that’s literal, not metaphorical. I can’t really be bothered with the latter just now! I took this photo of the Nith a week ago today. It’s the spot where Thornybank pool merges into the Canal on beat 3 of Closeburn Castle on the middle river. The water was high and pretty coloured at the time – 11am. Why so exact about the hour? A belt of rain which had come through about 8pm the evening before had (I reckoned) coloured the river a bit all morning and brought it up until about noon. Then it started to fall again.

That’s when I was finally able to fish with real purpose in what were the last couple of hours of my fishing week as I moved onto high-water hotspot Lower Craigs with a sense of what footballers call ‘belief’. I belted out a sink 2/3 shooting head with a medium fast-sink Versileader and a short (only 3 or 4 foot) leader of heavy fluorocarbon (why not, the fish couldn’t see it with that colour in the water?).

The twist was that I used a smaller fly than many may have chosen in these swirling waters as I reasoned that with the fly brought down to salmon eyeball level it didn’t need to be that big – a half-inch brass tube Calvin’s Shrimp caught my eye.

The result, about 2pm, was this fish, hooked well in the scissors, and it had hardly seemed possible three hours earlier looking at the water in the shot above. Finally, it’s interesting to see the Nith running at about +2ft this morning – just about what it was last week. I wonder if they’ve had any fish up there today. I would think so.


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