Arni, now that is what I call spring salmon fishing

Springtime over a frozen Kola Peninsula.

Some of us hunt, some of us gather, some of us do both. Firmly in the hunting camp (I think he hunts and fishes so much he wouldn’t have time to go picking sloes for his Christmas gin) is Icelandic ‘salmon junkie’ Arni Baldursson.

Arni is well know in jet-set salmon fishing circles for the to-die-for destinations his fishing-rods take him and I just thought it was worth repeating this eye-watering run-down of the fishing he has already planned for the 2012 season.

“My spring fishing weeks in 2012,” said the well-organised Arni, “will be as follows: Norway on the Gaula river 1 – 8th June , Russia Varzina river 9 – 16th June , Lower Yokanga 21 – 28th June and 28 June to 05th July.”

If you want – and I mean really want – to catch a fish of anything from 20lb to 40lb plus next season then you could do a lot worse than contact Arni at or Mobile +354 8983601.

But please mention where you saw those contacts and put in a word for this salmon adventurer!


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