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United Nations: 45 million people fish for a living

It’s easy sometimes to forget what a serious and life-sustaining business fishing – and the associated health or otherwise of world fish stocks – is for many millions of people in the world. Around 45 million people (at least 6 … Continue reading

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Where is your homework, laddie?

All right, I’m running out of excuses for that tardy end of season report. Truth is I’ve been busy busy busy. Born to fish, forced to work and fish. Only problem with busy busy busy is it foiled my last-ditch

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Battle hardened

A Park Shrimp tube-fly so gnarled by salmon’s teeth it had lost much of its original teardrop profile but something about it spoke to me quietly and insistently on the Gaula this summer. “Try me,” it said. And so I did. … Continue reading

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NASF Oslo salmon fishings sale pulls in 90K

The annual conservation auction held by NASF/ 14 days ago has raised a record £90,000 (800,000 NOK) for Orri Vigfusson’s salmon conservation organisation. And it was a UK rod who clinched the showpiece lot ‘after a hard battle’: a … Continue reading

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A grilse adventure

I’ve always liked grilse. The way that even a 3lb grilse (ie a small one) ‘counts’ as a salmon (it is a sexually mature fish). And grilse have often saved the day or week’s fishing for me and I love’em … Continue reading

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5lb Nith grayling

Well it made me look too – so what’s the story? We all know that the River Nith can produce very big grayling indeed. I remember former T&S features editor John Wilshaw (who fished the Nith regularly for back-end salmon) … Continue reading

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