5lb Nith grayling

Where huge grayling swim: Hedge End pool on the middle Nith, looking north to Drumlanrig.

Well it made me look too – so what’s the story? We all know that the River Nith can produce very big grayling indeed. I remember former T&S features editor John Wilshaw (who fished the Nith regularly for back-end salmon) telling me of two 4lb plus grayling taken from that jewel in the crown of the Nith where I am a rod-owner, Porters pool and I myself have caught about three big ones over the years on a double-handed salmon rod. Two of these were

so big I was sure they were grilse and of these one, which I estimate was 3lb was foul hooked with a small double hook in the flank while fishing downstream of Porters pool at Barjarg once and I was definitely disappointed to find it was not a salmon!

But back to that 5lb grayling. It was caught, reports Fishpal on the Lower Drumlanrig Castle beat on October 21 by one Mr Clemen. It perhaps raises the question, what would you rather catch while autumn salmon fishing – a 5lb salmon or a 5lb grayling for the record books? Luckily for Mr Clemen he caught one of each, returning both (and therefore I presume with no dead grayling to weigh precisely), so good luck to him.

Meanwhile, one of the great pleasures of doing a WordPress blog is the ease with which you can access statistics and it was fun to see just now that my all-time figure for blog-hits since I started Henry’s Salmon Adventure Blog in 2010 (basically to post photos and a report of my first, ‘Trout and Salmon feature’ trip to the Varzuga) is now 7,457. My biggest ever single day of blog visits was on June 27 this year with 181 hits to my story about the 46.5lb  (21.1 kilo) salmon caught on a tube-fly at the Norwegian Flyfishers Club beats of the Gaula by Arve Nilsen.

The monster, pictured here held by Arve and NFC chairman Manfred Raguse has now been confirmed (as reported in the latest from the NFC) as the biggest fish of the whole 2011 season caught on the Gaula. The salmon, hooked in Langoy pool and landed half a mile downstream in Renna pool, measured 129cm. That’s the length of a chest freezer and it was in Manfred’s freezer that I got to see the fish while out fishing the Gaula in August. The fins of the fish etc had been prepared for mounting but what struck me was the barrelled thickness of the tail – which was the ‘size’ of a normal salmon’s body. Just brilliant to cast eyes on .. and dream!


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  1. It perhaps raises the question, what would you rather catch while autumn salmon fishing – a 5lb salmon or a 5lb grayling for the record books?

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