Battle hardened

A Park Shrimp tube-fly so gnarled by salmon’s teeth it had lost much of its original teardrop profile but something about it spoke to me quietly and insistently on the Gaula this summer. “Try me,” it said. And so I did.

Fished on a long leader of 19lb fluorocarbon to an intermediate shooting head, the fly swam perfectly through the holding spots at a nice, even depth.

And five casts down the pool, just as the ‘flick’ of the straightening cast registered with a slight load on my Helios 15-footer, the line pulled away through the rings with a smooth draw in the waters of the stream and a 12lb crescent of fresh Gaula silver threw itself broadside onto the stream below. The reel spoke, then shrieked as the salmon tore off.

Fish on!


About henrygiles

Born to fish forced to work and fish
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