Where is your homework, laddie?

Gaula filmmaker Daniel Göz shoots the release of a Gaula fish in August.

All right, I’m running out of excuses for that tardy end of season report. Truth is I’ve been busy busy busy. Born to fish, forced to work and fish. Only problem with busy busy busy is it foiled my last-ditch attempt to engineer a nice, if short last day of November day on the Lower Tweed next week. However pal Charlie is still going (I hope and trust – go on Charlie!) and so we all hope for a phoenix from the flames story of a final Tweed fish (go Charlie go!)

So there it is. Thanks to any of you still hooking into this but what I can promise is some great fishing coverage throughout 2012 – I remember this time last year I confided that I wasn’t so much hatching fishing plans for the season ahead as plotting.

And that hasn’t changed much. I always think that if there is fishing out there that is so exciting it stops you from sleeping properly for ten days before you go out there then dominates your waking moments throughout the following summer then it must be something that rocks your boat and is not to be discounted lightly.

Sabbachi camp, Varzuga. About 10pm, May 2011. Photograph above this one: cold water salmon fishing: time for a quick pic of a Russian salmon from Lower Varzuga's Bear Lets before its return.


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Born to fish forced to work and fish
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