Top ten rivers to fish in the world

The Gaula.

Anyone? Let me make a start. Well the Tweed has to go in there so let’s get that out of the way. Then there is obviously the most prolific Atlantic salmon river in the world, Kola jewel, the Varzuga. Other Russian rivers that have to make it are the Varzina and the Yokanga. Sport-fishing jewel the River Gaula is in the team as Norway’s premier big fish river with its wonderful fly water. Yes I know, the Alta too (although being a Lotto winner may not guarantee you a rod as the river has its own lottery for rods). The Aberdeenshire Dee gets in (chap called A H E Wood did rather well there, inventing floating line fishing in the Twenties/Thirties and it’s still a rather nice river to fish I’m told and hoping to take up an invite to fish it one day).

So I only have three spaces left. I was talking with a Pacific coast Twitter pal re the Skeena River in BC for steelhead and he said it was in his Top 10 World rivers to fish. So I did some research and the photos showed a broad, clear water, majestic to look at. Let’s put that in.

That leaves two spaces and I reckon we have candidates in the shape of Ponoi, Orkla, Kharlovka, Rynda, Umba, Tay, Tyne and Spey, not to mention Iceland’s Rangas.

It would be great to get some outraged comments from those who reckon ‘their’ river should be in. But that’s the fun of lists – the ones you leave out! Comments please and suggestions out of the rivers above for the final two places.. (C’mon, it’s the close season!)


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5 Responses to Top ten rivers to fish in the world

  1. Of course I am biassed having lived on it for five years, but I would go for the Tweed or for trout fishing the Dove on which we lived for eight years and Isaak Walton couldn’t be wrong, but of course you are only talking about salmon about which I know nothing. Look forward to seeing you soon.Tony Hodgson, Oundle (on the Nene)

  2. henrygiles says:

    Thanks Tony. Well the Tweed is in already but that – your spell living at Berwick – clinches it. And if it were a world top ten of trout rivers then the Dove at Ilam (I know the Manifold ran right past your old house but I would call it the Dove at Ilam) would of course be there. Yes see you in the New Year/really look forward to it!

  3. Sveinn Biörnsson says: in Iceland should be on top of your list 🙂

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