Fun to be on the cover of the Sportfish catalogue

Well you know how it is – not me exactly but part of my forearm/wrist. And one of my hands, but that’s on the back cover. Yes it was ‘that’ perfect Varzuga springer again, expertly photographed by Roxtons’ Kola camp manager Jess James in May of this year – and now reproduced in beautiful gloss full colour on the cover of the Sportfish winter 2011/12 catalogue. The fish was perfect – but great fun to see it there in that iconic slot on the cover and if anything the back cover shot of the flank of the fish shows that perfection more. Here is a top-notch Russian springer, no ice-bound ‘rainbow trout’. Good enough to eat but we slipped it back with no fuss at all once Jess had taken a couple of shots. Happy days indeed.

Hang on, no fuss at all? Anyone who has read the Salmon Adventure carefully will remember there was quite a lot of fuss actually. As Jess bent down ever lower to get the shot, his lifejacket exploded, to the delight of our Russian guide Sergay.

Hope all is well out there for you all and you’re sliding gracefully (or disgracefully with all those office parties) towards Christmas. I’ve been settling down to ‘enjoy’ the close season, with my favourite reading matter. Although I should be reading history books (he said enigmatically). Oh and running – it’ll be a leaner and fitter salmon junkie for 2012.

Whether that means one catches more or bigger fish I don’t know. But of course I was forgetting – that’s not the point is it?


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2 Responses to Fun to be on the cover of the Sportfish catalogue

  1. Craig Pauley says:

    Hi Henry, Fame at last eh? Viva Varzuga! Очень красивая сёмга. Молодец Генри! (A very beautiful salmon. Well done Henry!)
    I’ve been studying Russian since the end of August and have progressed somewhat better than expected. At least now I’ll be able to ask for sugar and milk in my coffee next time I go to Varzuga. Come to think of it, I’ll be able to ask for coffee as well, without having to point at the flask! I’m really impressed with the online Russian course that I’ve been doing for the past 4 months. Check it out if you’re interested Henry, it’s called “Russian Accelerator”. There’s a $1.00, 21 day trial period that gives you access to some of the modular lessons as a taster and then you get the dollar back if you don’t want to proceed any further. The whole course is only about £240 and provides lifetime online support even when the course is completed. The fees are taken in 4 monthly payments of around £60, which I’ve already finished paying. Bearing in mind that my company charges £2000 per day for my teaching services, £240 is peanuts for training expenses and I can honestly say it’s the most rewarding thing I’ve done for years. До Свидания (Goodbye/Until meeting). Best wishes. Craig.

  2. henrygiles says:

    Ha ha – thanks Craig. Fame but no money! Yes it was a stunning bar of silver that fish – but actually the credit to Jess who had just joined us in his separate boat up at the Wires and instantly spotted the fish as ‘the one’.
    The Wires were ‘so’ red hot that afternoon – I think we netted 2 or 3 while he was there and lost 3 or 4 more (familiar scenario?) Jess was trying to tell me to try a longer leader at a time I was getting a take every five casts!!!!!!!! He may have had a point (grrrr!) but all salmon lore suggests if it’s working don’t mess with it. And I defy any salmon man ut there to say a take every 5 casts from a fresh pod of pristing Atlantic salmon qualifies as not working!!!
    Love the online Russia course info. I will think on, just so flat out trying to get a job at mo,.
    Yes “VIVA BAP3YГA!!!”
    До Свидания – Spasibo Craig

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