Visit the Norwegian Flyfishers Club’s Gaula beats this year!

Every proper story should have a good start, a classic finish, and an interesting bit in the middle, and the story of the fishing season on a world-famous salmon river is no different. So whatever part of the three-month season you choose, why not take your chance to fish the River Gaula as a guest of the Norwegian Flyfishers Club this 2012 season. The club announced its very latest 2012 availability today and the good news is that despite some fully booked peak-time weeks, a mouthwatering range of premium fly-fishing through the season remains available to visiting UK rods:

Start of the season (spring fishing) – June 1-17

This is hard-core fishing for big salmon (average weight 20lb plus). Cold water fly-casting for the sort of monsters you have dreamed about throughout the long winter. Snow meltwater feeds the mighty river and you will be fishing sinking lines with large tube-flies from beats upstream of Støren to the NFC’s productive lower E beats.

Per Arneberg with a 20-pounder from the NFC beats caught last June.

In addition Week 24, June 10-17 (inclusive, all weeks fish Sunday to Sunday) offers the chance to fish with salmon legend Andy Murray. But whether you are fishing with Andy or not, when a fish takes your fly and starts to peel away back towards the Trondheim Fjord, with your reel a well-oiled blur of spinning aluminium and your carbon rod bucking and jagging in its wake, then you know you are in for the fight of your life.

Prime time into August – July 15-August 5

NFC weeks 29 and 31 still have excellent availability for that dream Norwegian fly-fishing trip this summer. Amid spectacular mountain scenery, Week 29 (July 15-22) and Week 31 (July 29-Aug 5) both offer chances of multiple daily catches of big, sea-liced salmon coursing upstream through almost 24-hour northern daylight up to the Gaula headwaters. Until, that is, they turn on your Templedog or Sunray Shadow, the line tightens and the fireworks begin … Week 31 also marks the first, beginners’ week of Bernd Kuleisa’s NFC Gaula salmon courses.

Last but by no means least – (August 12-31)

The end of the Gaula season offers anything from sea-trout and grilse of 4lb up to salmon in the thirties and forties of pounds. Although some fish may be starting to lose some brightness, fresh fish are there to be caught and big ones too. Daylight hours are more ‘normal’ to UK rods here, and the changing colours of the leaves and landscape, with wild fruits growing and Norway’s wildlife feasting before the long winter will delight. It’s a time when rain is likely to fall and bring in the later runs of ‘Gaula Silver’ from the seas. It’s a great time to be out there with sport continuing until midnight on the last day. I’m going out there for my fourth consecutive year from August 19-31 and if you’d like to join me there, or go out the week before, then, like the other dates above, drop me a line or visit and see what sort of fish await you by browsing the ‘Seasons Reports’ section.

I am undertaking training with AAPGAI this spring and will provide a guiding service from July 29-Aug 5 and Aug 19-31 if required and/or will help you organise your trip in terms of logistics from booking flights through to accommodation options with the NFC. Simply call or text me on 07961 921 726, email me on send a Tweet or leave a message on this blog.  Make this your salmon season to remember!


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