Yokanga 19-pounder

In yesterday’s post I mentioned the Dee Trust auction unsold lot for a trip with Flyfish Yokanga/Flyfisher Travel to the Kola Peninsula’s River Yokanga this August. I’d wanted to illustrate it with a sensational photo of a big salmon caught by another Henry on a salmon adventure – Henry Mountain of Flyfisher Travel – but couldn’t track him down in time. Anyway Henry got back to me today and here is the photo – I’ve been wanting to use it ever since he emailed it me a little while back.

Henry caught it in the week of August 4-11 a couple of years back. A good-looking cock fish – okay up from the Barents Sea for a wee while but chunky with a capital ‘Ch’! All right, Chunky! It’s just a really nice shot with the flat north Kola landscape, the happy fisherman and a brooding dark atmosphere with the fish really nicely lit up by fill-in camera flash.

Isn’t it a powerful, thick-tailed, deep bodied fish? Imagine hooking that on a short line before it tore out to run 100 yards downstream. Etc.

Anyway, here’s the availability again if anyone would like to make an offer via Aberdeenshire Dee Fisheries Development Officer Ken Reid (details on my previous post or contact Ken via the FishDee website).

Yokanga River-4th August to 11th August or 11th August to 18th August-full board and accommodation provided for full weeks fishing for one rod including all helicopter transportation etc-Guide £3.5 k but will look at any reasonable offerwww.flyfishyokanga.com

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