Born to fish. Forced to work and fish

I’ve got a new job. As of this week I’m the new features editor of Fish and Fly. Some of you will know I’ve been between jobs for a couple of months (yes it’s been very nice!). I thought about other things in life, I thought about going into teaching for example, but in the end anyone who knows me said there was one thing I needed to be umbilically linked to, and that was my fishing.

And above all, salmon fishing.

The fact that Fish and Fly is bumping up its specialist international salmon and destination fishing with a new portal and that they wanted me to help spearhead this across their busy and thriving network only confirmed my delight in my new role.

Fish on!

Fish on!

It’s everything I believe in and I have the highest hopes for the future. I am convinced – but I hope that you over the coming days and weeks will agree – that there’s compelling evidence Fish and Fly with its range of websites, forums, portals and the Salmon Atlas – as well as its online specialist media reach of social media across the Northern hemisphere is better placed than anyone to help make the serious fisherman or woman’s dreams come true.

I also hope and trust (and in the case of those of you I know personally believe) that loyal followers of this blog will support me and Fish and Fly in this venture, and hop across to, starting with today’s lead news item, in which I describe the awesome sensation of power that it is to cast with the Hardy Zenith 14ft 6in salmon rod. Or join in the debate on the (specialist salmon and other branches of fly-fishing) flyforums.

So there it is. The force is strong. There’s a bit of fishing to do this year as well. Tight lines everyone.


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Born to fish forced to work and fish
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10 Responses to Born to fish. Forced to work and fish

  1. Nick Winter says:

    Henry – Good luck in your new “job” I was going to say, but it sounds great fun too!
    Nick Winter

  2. henrygiles says:

    Thanks Nick, good to hear from you, hope you are well.

  3. Bruce says:

    It is great to be able to work for what you’re passioned about! I envy you mate! Good luck in your new job!
    Hope we’ll meet someday on a river bank either in the UK or in Norway!!


  4. henrygiles says:

    Or Finnmark! Cheers Bruce

  5. Nick Fletcher says:

    You realise we shall now have to kill you! Seriously, good luck and good fishing.

  6. Craig Pauley says:

    Hi Henry, Just back from Madrid. Congratulations on the new job!!! It sure beats working for a living. We must catch up at some point on the casting day at Farlows while I was away and the beauty of the Zenith Sintrix. Off to the Emirates on Sunday but I’ll be in touch before I go. Regards. Craig.

  7. Craig Pauley says:

    Hi again Henry, I’ve just read the article from the Farlows Sintrix day. I’m glad that you experienced that same “Eurika” moment that I’ve been banging on about since I tried the 15′ Sintrix prototype at the Game Fair last year. I don’t know about you, but I’ve not experienced that same feeling of “I can chuck this line over 40 yards every cast” with any other rod and line combination that I’ve tried, to the extent that I achieved effortlessly with the Sintrix. I would recommend anyone serious about salmon fishing to give this rod a few casts.

  8. henrygiles says:

    Craig, Agreed – there is a spine-tingling ‘steel’ to these rods. It is b****y marvellous to behold! I can’t wait to see yours bend to the thumping run of a Gaula salmon on Langoy, Renna, Tilseth, Junction pools at the Norwegian Flyfishers Club in August ; D

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