Friday Picture

Friday Photo, Friday Picture – the latter is more appropriate here, for tomorrow is the world premiere of the much-anticipated film “Gaula – River of Silver & Gold”. Those lucky enough to be at the EWF flyfishing fair in Fürstenfeld, Munich tomorrow will get to see what looks a very exciting study of the fly-fishing on this Norwegian salmon river by multi award-winning wildlife filmmaker Daniel Göz & Anton Hamacher.

Now followers of this blog will know that I met Daniel and Anton last August out on the Gaula and as well as our sharing a house for my first night only, we had another very special encounter a few days later.

I had just hooked a well rested 12lb salmon in the NFC’s Home pool and as the fish charged off down the pool, who should turn up but Daniel and Anton with their state-of-the-art underwater camera. The result being that all three of us had a very exciting time getting the fish in to the bank – and a great celebration afterwards. But not before D and A had filmed me returning the fish.

Now I know that the footage of my fish made it to the slideshow of stills at least on the website (just click The Film and it’s the last promo shot up there at the end of the slideshow) – so I can’t wait to see the film now to see if it’s made the film itself.

For those who, like me, can’t make it out to Munich tomorrow, the full film is now available to buy as DVD or true full HD Blu-ray now on the above gaulamovie link.

As a footnote, on the last day of my fishing trip I turned up at the NFC HQ to say goodbye to club chairman Manfred Raguse to find Daniel taking extra footage for the movie – and that is my Friday Picture! (Daniel is in the left foreground of the shot.)

And finally – another photo by Daniel is one taken on my Finepix Fuji camera of Manfred and I just after the above shot, and it’s on the following link to the story on the Fish and Fly new salmon-fishing portal up today which describes my joining their team as features editor (see my previous blog post):


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