Friday Picture

Ross Macdonald sent me these flies last summer before one of my fishing trips. Aberdeenshire-based Ross is quite simply the best fly-tyer I know, and that’s because of the most important consideration of all: his flies catch salmon. If you want to order some from him, get your order in now – his link is on the side panel.


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2 Responses to Friday Picture

  1. Nick Fletcher says:

    Well, these flies aren’t much good. I’ve left them on a piece of paper on my desk for hours, just like in the picture, and they haven’t caught me one damned salmon!

    • henrygiles says:

      I’ll be honest here. I haven’t yet caught a salmon on these beauties by Ross. But I caught 2 salmon last year on his flies. (Sounds like a riddle.)
      Good weekends TIght lines. Watching a very very very good salmon film at the moment, the best I’ve ever seen …

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