Two swallows and a gold DVD case

ImageI saw our first swallows this morning, late this year on the last day of April.

But it means that summer is now here (I saw two of them) with its associated fishing for big, wild, silver fish – which rip line from your reel then leap into the air reminding you why you devote large parts of your life to catching them and travel considerable distances. My own major first 2012 fishing foray is not now far away (well June 1st), watch this space…

Meanwhile I’ve been getting a massive kick on the fishing front by watching Anton Hamacher and Daniel Goz’s sublimely excellent Gaula movie – River of Silver and Gold which hit my doormat for the weekend. Click here for my review, on Fish and Fly, of this technically stunning and original film shot throughout the 2011 season in, above, and under the cool waters of this great Norwegian river.

Please do take a look at Fish and Fly, we are beefing it up to encompass all things international salmon and world destination fishing with some great plans in the pipeline.

And if you’re fishing yourself soon, tight lines.


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8 Responses to Two swallows and a gold DVD case

  1. Did your fish (and hands) make the final cut? 🙂

    • henrygiles says:

      Yes they did Dave – in a couple of sequences. It was really special to see my fish underwater in full HD-quality (with my prized Land Rover watch submerged – no wonder it’s never worked well since!) suddenly kick off and disappear inches away from right of camera.
      Daniel and Anton also put me in the film credits under ‘Angler’. Very kind of them!
      Well remembered! Was I really going on about that a lot? You don’t have to answer that!
      PS Hope you are having a good season down Chew way. I’ll get some Nith maps/material over to you before too long.

  2. Good to hear! Chew and Blagdon have had a great start, but as you can imagine the allure of the stocked trout is fading now that I am doing more salmon fishing on the Usk. I think I will be on first name terms with the Severn bridge toll booth staff by the end of the season!

    • henrygiles says:

      Just point at the rods and nets in the back (or are you more tidy than me? Probably!), when you next cross the Severn bridge. Best done with a shrug to mean: ‘I’m an angler and I can’t help it.’
      They’ll understand.

  3. Nick Fletcher says:

    Saw my first swallows a week ago on the Spalding to Bourne road. And at Lenton yesterday there were swallows, house martins and sand martins aplenty.

  4. Craig Pauley says:

    Hi Henry, I’m assuming they’ve got you on a good commission for this advertising so I’ve ordered a copy to assist with the development of the new stable block at your place! Also, I thought it would be a good way to acquaint myself with the Gaula before our trip in August. Hope the new job is going well. By the way, the write-up on Roxtons site for “Salmon fishing in the Yemen” is very good if you’ve not read the article yet. I must go and see the movie as I really enjoyed the book. It won’t be long before the Varzuga blog is up and running. I’ll be monitoring the whole season with envy. I’ve just started the final module of the Russian Accelerator course (module 18), which seems amazing as I only began module 1 at the end of October. There is an advanced course which I will take on once I’ve mastered everything in this first phase. If there are any guys out there who would like to learn some Russian before taking a trip, I would fully recommend the Russian Accelerator course. It’s hard work but it’s at your own pace, and it’s enjoyable. До Свидания мой друг. ATB.

    • henrygiles says:

      Nice one Craig! (No commission on the Gaula film – I’m just a big fan!) – Henry.

      Note to salmon adventurers: I would urge anyone planning a Russian trip in the next year or two to read the above post even if Craig’s mastery of Russian in just 6 months will be a hard act to follow!

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