Friday picture

Today is ten years to the day that I started fishing the River Nith at Closeburn. I don’t know how many salmon, grilse and sea-trout my father and I have caught over that time. Not that many, is the honest answer, but we’ve got luckier at it over time – and as we got to know the river. Dad’s done best with the summer salmon, with a 10.5-pounder last July and a fresh run beauty of 13lb on a small Rapala from Porters pool in 2009. I’ve had a few summer grilse, including a memorable July day after a bit of rain when I caught two and lost another one which I held too hard on a short line. I’ve had autumn salmon to 13lb and increasingly in October as the runs of salmon change, grilse too.

But for the real reason we both love it up at the Nith, you don’t need to look any further than the above photo, which shows the ‘maturing’ pool Dick’s Stream (which produced a 15lb salmon last year), looking upstream to Hedge End, our top pool and the start of the Mid Nithsdale fishings.

The middle Nith in the third week of July – or in the atmospheric second week of October: it’s just a lovely place to be.


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