Big, dirty Russian river

Normally when I think of a big, dirty, flooded river I think of Dumfries and Galloway’s finest: the River Nith after the equinoxial gales in October. But you can get spring floods too, and on the Varzuga.

Here’s my latest from Fish and Fly. Enjoy, although that’s not quite the right word.

Just remember, however, that difficult is a relative term. After all 70 salmon in a day (by 8 rods fishing Middle Varzuga on Tuesday) is pretty good going. Even when on Wednesday their total fell to 25, well 3 fish a rod for a day’s fishing is great sport by any standards.

Just not by the Varzuga’s.


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2 Responses to Big, dirty Russian river

  1. Craig Pauley says:

    Hi Henry, Very disappointing for the Lower camp guys and how very “Roxtons-like” for Charlie to step in with the refunds. Fantastic! Well done Roxtons. I do think it is somewhat unusual though, as we’ve all had unfruitful weeks on raging rivers that have been fully paid up and we don’t expect refunds. I hope this is going to set an international precedence to all the other beat owners!! Dream on!

    • henrygiles says:

      Craig: Quite! We’ll wait and see. But it must ease any regrets you may have had for not rebooking for Week 1 this year at Lower. Altho, that said, you know me -I’d have loved the adventure of going out there anyway! And a refund too! ; D
      Seriously well done Roxtons.
      Gaula: I’m about to give Manfred a call, often think of our week in August – I am looking forward to it very very much. Need to sort a car at some point but I’ll mention it when I ring.
      Did you get Gaula River of Silver and Gold delivered then – what did you think?
      Best Henry

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