Back from the Kola!


I don’t know what you are all doing this Saturday evening but I’m on the train to Ely on the last leg of a journey that started at 5.15am UK time 60 miles south of the Arctic Circle. I said goodbye to my Russian guide Egor (pictured) at the helipad of Varzuga’s Sabacchi camp and shortly after we were whizzing over the now emerald green tundra to Murmansk shaking with the vibrations of the Mi8.
Now Egor, as I hope my portrait conveys, is one of life’s characters  and he made my week. It was such fun spending 5 solid days with him, so much so that it probably took the edge off my salmon catching performance.
But I wasn’t there to perform and so was well pleased to catch 18 shining silver salmon including a brace of 10-pounders straight up from the White Sea.


And to enjoy two of the most sublimely exciting sessions of my salmon-fishing career.
More to follow on all this in coming days – but meanwhile having negotiated the hen-night girls on the Tube – who raised a mascara’d eyebrow (eyelash?) or two at this strange, and I hope not too pong-y angling adventurer – I’m on may way to see my loved ones who I’ve missed so much.


Oh, enjoy your evenings!

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One Response to Back from the Kola!

  1. Craig Pauley says:

    Hi Henry,
    Glad to see you made the return trip safely and that you had a good week. I look forward to reading your memoirs from the trip. I’m fishing the Lochy at Fort William next week for the first time, so we’ll see how that goes. Best wishes. Craig.

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