Blogging daily from Nith and Gaula

The Nith, last July, looking north up to Mid-Nithsdale.

It’s not really a sentence, is it? Blogging daily from Nith and Gaula?

So how about this (which is not really a question):

Over the next seven weeks or so I shall, for four of those weeks, be blogging from bankside (on either my smartphone, Fish and Fly laptop or the Norwegian office computer) about my efforts to catch a salmon or two, and help my friends and family do likewise. Be it on the River Nith (July 16-21) or Norway’s Gaula (July 29-August 5; August 19-31), there is – like they say –  a lot more to fishing than trying to catch fish and I hope to cover it all and keep you interested.

An August grilse from the Gaula.

I shall be blogging both here on HSA and on FandF, ie the BLOG at Fish and Fly. (Oh and I do hope you are all dipping into Fish and Fly, via the home page, there’s a lot going on there, increasingly so!)

So that’s it. I’ll kick off from Nithsdale in about ten days’ time. So Tight lines everyone if you’re fishing and don’t forget to report back to me here or in my capacity as features editor on Fish and Fly and we’ll hopefully get some pictures of happy people with silver salmon or sea-trout up online before too long.


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