Odds, sods and sea-trout

A Nith July, fly-caught sea-trout (despite the spinning rod!!)

I’m a bit tired tonight. But I have some more or less random thoughts, points, stories that may be of interest. It’s a bit hard to concentrate however because Chloe is cooking in the kitchen with Radio 1 on.

Now I grew up with John Peel playing on the radio after a certain time of night, and the music being played now is Peel-esque – in some ways the good people of R1 have tried to recreate that atmospheric Indie, nightclub-y sound. A reggae beat here, a fed-back guitar strum there, and that kind of whiny female vocal that reminds me of the girls in the school of history at Leeds Uni where I went in the late 1980s. Well some of them (happy days!).

(There’s a bit more to John Peel OBE of course, I think I first heard New Order on one of his shows – or was it in The Leadmill, Sheffield, c. 1984? – and anyone who gets the New Bands Tent at Glastonbury renamed after him has got more than a string to his bow.)

But that’s okay, so let’s kick off with this from Aberdeenshire Dee’s affable Ken (that’s fisheries officer Ken Reid) on a FB thread recently about the time one should jack in the fishing and go and have a beer or coffee amid the cameraderie of your fellow fishing housemates, then to bed (rather than go night fishing for sea-trout which I still find an incredibly odd thing to want to do):

‘I recall the first time up on the Kola fishing in june with Reid (Reid Hagelin). I said what time does it get dark? He replied “August”‘

So I like that. Then there was this, actually after my first church attendance for some weeks (hey, it’s summer!):

Bridget said: ‘Henry, I keep catching you on Facebook and you’re always going on about Russia etc but you hardly ever go there, well just once this year, right?’

Now, I don’t know about you but one (or more) trips of a lifetime each year, even if it ‘only’ amounts to one week on the Kola P seems pretty okay to me, and what’s more worth wanging on about in a somewhat elongated sort of way. Or a less than episodic, and more linear sort of blog-athon-istic discourse. Especially when doing so is also ‘like’ one’s job.

But I answered Bridget: ‘Well I am going to Norway for 3 weeks to fish in August..’

‘Ah,’ said Bridget. ‘Right.’

And fortunately it looked as though I’d made some sort of point. (Which I suppose I had, but then I’m not sure myself what point that is apart from the fact I’m pretty badly stuck on my fly-fishing!)

What else? I dunno. I hope you don’t mind this rambling but it’s my blog so I guess I’ll just do it. And do some more too.

So one more thing and to try and bring a sort of shape (a circle) to this post I’ll go back to the poor, much-maligned business of sea-trout fishing. These words of wisdom came from the Fish and Fly Forum and I just loved them because they are the real deal – night-sea-trout fishing advice from someone who fishes at night for sea-trout and doesn’t the fish-catching experience just shine out from the words?

‘Dont set foot in the water before 11pm then fish through to 9am then sleep … Fish will be in the unlikeliest of spots in the dark so fish all the little shallow runs.’

And that’s it. That’s why forums are pretty cool (the chap was writing about his favourite beat, Hoddom Castle on the Annan). But I’m sure I should try a similar approach with Dad on the Nith next week. I should, but will I? It’s unlikely … better hope it keeps raining then..

I will be blogging from the Nith daily from Sunday 15 July until the following weekend. Also on Fish and Fly’s Blog.


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