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Morning all. I have set up my online HQ in the shower block at the campsite and here’s the view of Nithsdale from where I sit. Replete with electric socket, it allows me to ‘Blog from the Bog’ and credit to Chloe for That one! There was heavy rain last night with more coming in today but it won’t stop us trying for a fish today on a big tube-fly. Happy days.

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4 Responses to Blog from the Bog

  1. Tight lines! Looking forward to more bog blogs…

    • Henry Giles says:

      There will be more bog blogs! Back by popular demand. 107 visits today so I’ll take that as a vote of confidence!
      Nith is always tough in July these days – can’t decide whether it’s a salmon or sea trout river. Much better for salmon in October!

  2. Nick says:

    Hope you avoid most of the rain forecast today-there’s a lot just to the north. Last time I was on the Nith it rose a couple of feet in 20 minutes after rain, which was almost embarrassing until I discovered I could bounce along on tiptoe, like a weighted quill float, until I reached shallower water. I’m sure all of us who are deskbound but would much rather be by the river are with you in spirit. Hmm, just looked at the new glorious technicolour Met office forecast – of course, about the only advantage of vicarious fishing is that you don’t get wet… Good luck!

    • Henry Giles says:

      Nick I am loving the.bouncing quill float image! I got wet tonight but high water beat tomo so hopeful

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