Down and up and then down


Yesterday was a day of rising water in the morning (to plus 2ft on our gauge at Beat 2’s Trolley pool), followed by a lovely evening water which I fished for two hours for one brown trout.
Find of the day: four Ross Macdonald 1.5- 2 in tube-flies in orange, and black and yellow which I’d put in my wallet and forgotten about. They will be perfect for searching out the dark, brooding waters of the high-water Craigs pool we are fishing today (a bit more rain overnight).
Had a text from pal Andrew N whose friend Nigel had a 6 lb grilse from North Wark on the Tweed yesterday a.m. before they were flooded off.
Who’s in the campsite feature: a team of 3 cycling the length of the country for Help 4 Heroes. Left at 5 this morning. Also: a bloke in a green tent who arrived late last night. He’s also cycling the length of the UK, but the other way! (ie John O Groats to Land’s End.)

The bog window? It’s a washroom really! The bog’s next door..
Finally: 2 salmon caught last week on our bit that I’ve heard about. One of 8 lb on Saturday on the pool we’re fishing today.


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