Day 4 salmon: a belter!


So it’s taken us 4 days to catch a salmon – but my father only 20 minutes.
Dad yesterday caught this belter of a Nith summer salmon from what always looked like our best chance of the week. The river was running high at +2ft but falling slowly all day and clearing.
Dad cannot cast a fly rod at present (leverage on an open heart surgery wound only 10 weeks old) so was spinning with a silver Rapala after I’d fished the pool with the fly rod.
I was wading beside Dad offering helpful advice along the lines of, ‘Please don’t lose my best Rapala in those bushes’ when his line went tight to a bright silver salmon splashing on the surface.
You can see the picture – you know the rest ..

Dad’s 3rd Nith summer salmon in 3 Julys – a cock fish straight up from the Solway on the recent rains -weighed a shade under 10lb. No sea-lice but the marks were visible of the recently vacated parasites.I’m very happy indeed for him and yesterday was a great day to be up with him in this stunning part of Scotland.
Off fishing again now – perfect water for Porters today ..


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6 Responses to Day 4 salmon: a belter!

  1. Nick says:

    What a lovely fish – many congratulations to your Dad. When is he going to start his own salmon fishing blog?

  2. cookecd says:

    Fantastic!! A great day for you both!!

  3. Will Giles says:

    Looks like Orford smoked salmon for christmas day again. Nice one dad!

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