Still slow on the Gaula – but they caught a 31-pounder

Norway has suffered the same fate as the UK this summer. There just hasnt’t been one and this has had a very dampening effect on the salmon-fishing, not least on the River Gaula. But I liked this real fishing story with a happy ending for German fisherman Mawill Lüdenbach, a first-time guest on the Norwegian Flyfishers Club waters (where I’ll be fishing next week, sorry just had to mention that one). After he lost several good fish during the week, he finally landed the bruiser of 14 kg (31lb), pictured on the Fish and Fly Forums fishing reports link here. The fish took the fly in Beat F (the Railway, which has been good to me in the past) he landed it ‘after an extremely exciting fight’ all the way down in Beat B1 (Langoy). Mawill had to keep the fish, which measured 113cm.

Where there’s a Mawill, there’s a way. Lol. [If anyone thinks that’s the corniest, half-baked crack they’ve heard today, please comment at the bottom of this post to said effect, add a corny comment of your own and I’ll draw your names out of a hat and send you some salmon flies.]

Any road, it’s a lovely fish innit? And I love that Mawill lost a couple of fish first because I lost a fish last week and it really gets to you doesn’t it? But great that he came thro his ordeal. (BTW losing fish happens to everyone except, allegedly, Hugh Falkus but I’ve always believed that’s the biggest load of bunkum I’ve ever heard. Even tho he was a game-fishing legend in other ways. Etc)..

Oh and a final word on the Norwegian non-summer – now that summer’s finally arrived here (let’s face it, it has), the big hope for me is the warm weather hits Trondelag next in similar Atlantic weather system follow-on – because if it does then I  – and my small group of UK rods – might be in for a rather good few days’ salmon action..


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6 Responses to Still slow on the Gaula – but they caught a 31-pounder

  1. Craig Pauley says:

    Good luck on the Gaula next week. Stir those fish up for August!
    “Where there’s a Mawill, there’s a way” is very good by the way. You really ought to take this writing thing seriously, you could make a living from it between fishing trips.

    • Henry Giles says:

      Thanks Craig – we’ll stir them up and get an idea of the killing flies I hope, then it’s only 2 weeks till our trip..

  2. Malc Smith says:

    Terrible pun Henry. See you next week, fingers crossed.

  3. cdc says:

    Mawile (or Mawill ??!!) are short yellow and black Pokémon. Their legs have yellow coverings that give the appearance of a dress or bellbottom pants, and their feet and arms are black. Their most famous feature, though, is a pair of huge, black, toothy, jaw-like horns with a yellow spot on its surface that grow from the backs of their heads. They are able to open and close these jaws at will and use them to bite or ward off potential threats. Mawile also has drooping black extensions from the sides of its head which can be presumed to be ears and red eyes.

    Special abilities
    It can use its docile-looking face to cause foes to drop their guard so it can attack them. It can chew through iron beams.
    Rather than attacking an opponent head on, this Pokémon lives up to its nickname, the deceiver. It will turn its back to its foes and cleverly use its dual horns which are disguised as a pair of huge jaws, making it look much more vicious and powerful than it really is.

    Cave Pokémon
    Mawile tend to live in caves, grottoes or other dark and dank places- IT WANTS A FAST SINKING LINE!

    If they can catch a 30lb salmon I’d get tying a few flies following the above description before next week!! You couldn’t make it up………..émon)

    I don’t think this really makes sense unless Mawill was the fly pattern, anyway it has been hot up here and I’ve probably had too much sun. I have to agree with Craig- when you can come up with a gag like “Where there’s a Mawill, there’s a way” you are in a different league- fishing writer, blogger, eric sykes step-in (or more Frank Carson?!). Have fun in Norway- LOR!!!!

    • henrygiles says:

      Charlie you can even do the accent on Pokemon! How about we exchange careers? You are a star, love it, the salmon flies reside in a box with your name on … if I do not get a better offer by Aug 7th.

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