Gaula nine-pounder!


At last, a fish! No sooner had I posted my somewhat downbeat thoughts on our Norway fishing week thus far – and downed a ‘high tea’ plateful of barbecued chicken (thanks Howard) – than I headed out to catch the last half hour of my afternoon sess on the Gaula’s famous Bridge Pool.
As I descended the rocky path to the head of the pool I saw a fresh salmon leap clear of the deep, fast flow near the big rock opposite.
My heart beat faster: it looked very fresh indeed.
I fished the head of the stream first though, then shot a big overhead which seemed to cover the spot and ten feet of retrieve later the line pulled back as the following salmon turned on my size 7 Salar double-hooked Blue Charm and a powerful fight ensued with plenty of running line out into the pool.
A  tractor drove over the bridge at one point and pulled into the layby on the road above to watch what has been a rare sight recently.
All ended happily and the stunning 9lb cock fish bore long-tailed sea-lice: straight up from the fjord within the past day-and-a-half.
I turned to see new NFC owner-Chairman Per Arneberg and in hot pursuit, General manager, Enrico Cristiani. As we celebrated, Enrico and I saw another fresh salmon jump and within five minutes Per was attached to it!
Sadly this one came adrift but the week is now coming good fast.



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2 Responses to Gaula nine-pounder!

  1. Well done! What a beautiful fish!

  2. henrygiles says:

    Thanks, Dave, it was a stunning fish and one of the most beautiful I have caught. I was doing the washing-up in our house at 4pm and by 4.30 had driven 5 miles up the valley and was whizzing down the pool with only 30 mins fishing time left when I just hit the fresh fish coming through. That’s salmon fishing and I hope that’s just what will happen to you on the Nith!

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