Friday photograph

Come on, why not? Here to reprise the HSA Friday photo feature is an unusual shot I took on the Gaula last week of the very spot where I hooked a salmon. Two days after the event, I was leaning over the parapet at the layby on the Rognes road above the pool, stretching out in my hand the Fish and Fly GoPro camera which to anyone who hasn’t seen them are about the size of a matchbox.

I made a mental note to not drop the little device to see it tumble like a pebble into the swirling waters below.

I like the effect of the pic, which is a bit ‘fish-eye’ and jaunty-angled, but otherwise very hi-definition. Of course the main point of GoPros, which one straps to the head or chest as a gesture to the robotic age (yes you feel a bit of a wally in the ‘head’ mode), is that they take live video footage, hopefully of playing a fish etc.

I did take some videos, which I’ll be loading on to Fish and Fly in due course, but have only worked out how to download (upload?) straight photos so far. Sorry, ‘bear with’!

Back to the photo and my salmon showed in the lie between the jutting rocks in the foreground below, and the big rock (and it is massive) jutting out a bit downstream into the lower middle of the pool). I cast there (from the right bank, a bit upstream) and the fish followed the Blue Charm in by 12 feet or so, taking very gently in the patch between the upstream (foreground) rocks and the right bank. If you see what I mean.

Nibble nibble, and the line went tight. Nine pounds and sea-liced. Lovely..


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