Good on the Dee

Varzuga 2012 veteran Greig Thomson with a nice fish caught at Park on the Aberdeenshire Dee recently. For full report by Ken Reid of some great summer fishing on the Fish and Fly home/news page click HERE.

Greig has a business called Salmo Fishings International and had a cracking week at Lower Varzuga and Kitza this May, a couple of weeks before I went out there. Despite high water it was really impressive how he got into action with the Kola bars of silver. He also recently returned from a summer stint at the famous Amhuinnsuidhe Castle fishings on the Isle of Harris, about which he will be writing in Fish and Fly shortly. (Blimey you fish a bit don’t you Greig? Good man.)

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2 Responses to Good on the Dee

  1. HI Henry, Thanks for the blog! Appreciated! My company is salmointernational – We are back up in Harris early Septemebr for what should be some more great action. Tight LInes!

  2. henrygiles says:

    Cheers Greig and tight lines when you revisit Harris, I imagine you could get a really heavy late run up there although impossible to second-guess; get the bagpipes out lol 😀

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