Old School angling!


Fishing fashion has come a long way since the days of the English salmon lords but I like this photo, spotted at the Kotsoy stores as we went to fish the Bogen Sondre beat yesterday..
Fishing: still a muted last few days on the Gaula. After losing my fish in Renna last week (all played out after 5 minutes and showing its flanks in fast pool-tail water then went on a final wiggly run and the hook pulled out, could have got him with a net Aggh!!!), there have been fish caught (two 20+ pounders), and a grilse lost but not by us. Also NFC owner Per had two more tussles with salmon on Renna the session after I lost my one – both also throwing the hook ..
Meanwhile our French housemate Jerome visited Matt Hayes’ Winsnes  just up the valley yesterday. Matt’s 6 rods caught 5 salmon last week – far less than they’d expect altho sounds okay to me.
So my partner of last week, Craig P left on Sunday and now I’m fishing with David H who, like Craig, is proving excellent company.


David (pictured this morning with our Tilseth house behind) is a fascinating chap (a former Master of Fox Hounds & agricultural auctioneer before being ordained into the Anglican Church) who’s fished all over and uses an old Uniqua reel with a heart warming ratchet click sound.
Barbecue night tonight then fishing Langoy, where Per told me today 8 fish were spotted last night.


So still hopeful.


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