That 18ft DTX – and a cracker from the Lochy

Varzuga (2011) fishing buddy Craig P joined me on the Gaula last month for a week. Although, thanks to a ‘one-in-ten-years’ scenario of high, cold water and a bias in runs towards the lower river and earlier weeks of the season, Craig was a good sport about a seeming scarcity of taking fish, casting well throughout with his 15+ft Sintrix rod but also … wait for it … his 18ft Scott Mackenzie DTX.
Apart from the fact the story of Craig’s buying the ’18’ off Scott at the Game Fair is a great tale in itself, the way he cast such a long way across the Gaula is testament to his casting skill and strength.

I had a go with it and Craig was kind enough to suggest I hadn’t made too much of a numpty of it – but the rod did unsurprisingly feel ‘freaking’ heavy and the main interest for me was getting back to my 15fters which – even the Vision Catapult, which has a bit of red meat in its blank – felt like toy rods, they felt so light. This was something of a revelation and has made me consider a 16footer for the Gaula next year.
One evening I arrived as dusk gathered in at Langoy to find Thies R and Johannes K watching Craig crash out beasts of casts into the tail of the pool. Apparently Thies had got away a good cast or two earlier, but I missed that.

Such was the Gaula-side media bubble that surrounded the rod over the next few days, even Manfred Raguse, who fished for years with very meaty split-cane DHs, had a try of Craig’s rod, really liked it, and is now getting one for himself.

All in all a great blow for tradition on a river where so often the 13.5ft ‘Scandy’ DH-er is king..
But just to get to the point of all this, in the great tradition of ‘here’s one I caught earlier’, here is a 17lb salmon Craig caught from the Lochy earlier this summer. There is a nice shot of Craig holding the fish but the file is so big I haven’t been able to upload it yet but here’s the fish:

If you’re gonna catch just the one fish in a week – make it one like this, eh? Craig caught this fish just up from the sea. The fish nibbled the first cast. Then whalloped his fly second time round.

Very solid fish, Craig, very nice.


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