Follow me. And I’ll follow you.

One of my favourite quotes is Mahatma Gandhi’s:
‘There go my people;
I must follow them.’
[I am sure Gandhi used a semi-colon, delivered with his head cocked and a slight shrug..]
Now in the past 7 days over 300 of you have hit on my blog (87 three days ago), and the week before, well more than that (somewhere north of 400).
And yet I only have 25 fully paid-up (hey, it’s free) followers.
So my request to anyone out there who I hope enjoys HSA is to put their money where their mouth is (hey it’s free, actually!) &
please take about 42 seconds to become a proper follower, the button’s on my home page.
For my part I will draw a new blog subscriber out of my lucky fishing hat that Chloe shrunk in the wash the other day. And I will send you a goody bag of useful things like flies to catch salmon on.
That’s the plan. Thank you.


Oh by the way, I have some good stuff to post in coming weeks including a report on rock N roll drummer Rob the Wad’s trip to the upper Nith (he’s there now), Martin’s November visit to the Annan (you heard, Martin lol) & my big project this winter is to blog 14 years of salmon fishing with photos, starting with a small, coloured grilse from Boleside on the Tweed caught one wet August in 1998.
So keep warm, everyone & may the Force be strong in you.


A down to earth moment breaking down camp on the Nith 2 weeks ago.


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3 Responses to Follow me. And I’ll follow you.

  1. Nick says:

    Been subscribed for ages, Henry and I’m always glad when a New Post from you pops up in my In Box, promising a little interlude of sanity in an otherwise mad day.

    With carefully crafted witty and insightful prose and lovely fishy and watery pics, your posts help me reconnect with some of the more important things in life at the start of a working day. A pic of the Nith, for example, reminds me there is a real, and better, world beyond the view from the office window. I highly recommend everyone with the remotest piscatorial interest getting notices of a new post from Henry in their email. It may even change your entire perspective of the day ahead!

    (Henry: I often read it, though, in Mac Mail rather than clicking through to the blog, since the text and pics show perfectly well. Do your stats count this? If not, can you limit what is viewable in the email, to make people click through to the blog?)

    • henrygiles says:

      I’m not sure I’ve come across MacMail, Nick but thanks very much for your comment (as always). Just keep tuning in. I’d like to say writing it keeps me sane but that’s not true, it comes across as a bit big-headed/self-referential but, hey it’s a blog, an online personal log/diary so bound to be a lot about me. I do try and get reports from friends in, watch this space.
      Of course my main aim is to get across the raw, heart pounding excitement of salmon fishing and the wild beauty of our planet. Worth doing I feel.

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