Friday Photograph

The last time I fished with a single-handed rod for salmon was on the River Laggan in Islay, which is where I took this photo of the lodge we stayed at on a trip there with T&S in 2007. Now (tomorrow) I’m flying out to New Brunswick to fish the Miramichi where I understand we may be fishing with single-handed rods, floating lines and Bombers.

We are staying the first two nights at the famous Ledges Inn, then fishing a mixture of public and private pools there. After a summer of very little rain, the river is running very low but in a good year the Miramichi is responsible for half Canada’s total Atlantic salmon catch, and I am hoping rain forecast for today and tomorrow will bring the sea-liced fresh salmon that have been spotted in the bottom river this week, up into our pools.

Of course I’m really looking forward to my first Canadian fishing trip and chance of landing a salmon from the Miramichi, and whatever happens, to paraphrase my exellent fishing companion David H in Norway last month:  we will enjoy trying and I’m told we have laptops out there so I’ll try and wang a blog report or two across the Atlantic.

Anyone who would like to fish the upper Nith with me, October 15-17 incl, please see my previous post: excellent availability remains, please use my email address to contact me while I’m in Canada.

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