Back in Blighty


First, apologies for no promised blog update on Saturday.. & no I’m not becoming a train-spotter, not quite yet ‘lol’. I was on a 6 hour, WiFi-free train ride from Miramichi station (pictured, with my approaching train). And then an overnight flight from my destination, Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Great to be home with Chloe & Pips but fishing the Miramichi with all that went with it last week was a big thrill.


Memories? Here’s me with a bend in my Vision Cult 14.5-footer on wild & beautiful Cains-side (Miramichi tributary) on Friday. Taken by my kind host, I’m playing what turned out to be my biggest ever salmon, a wonderfully coloured cock fish of ‘easily 15 lb’ (said my top-guide, Garry, who holds the fish which we quickly released).

It was lovely out there in Eastern Canada which I always longed to visit for the chance to catch Atlantic salmon on the other side of the Atlantic.
And guess what?

The same flies that work in Scotland and Norway work over there too.


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  1. Hi Henry nice to meet you and have you fish with Gary on the Cains will follow your Blog now

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