Turned out fine again!

As we face a week of unsettled, cool October weather, I couldn’t resist showing you this self-inflicted GoPro shot taken on a very significant [will explain in due course] bridge over the Miramichi last week. Just to show that salmon fishing weather  – if not brilliant for actually catching fish – can be rather agreeable to be out in at times.

I actually had the shades on to spot three salmon we’d seen hanging in the cool waters of the river near the bridge arches. A 20lb salmon (or near as) and two smaller ‘bodyguard’ salmon flanking her, and viewing their profile from above they were clearly fresh fish, new into the river. It was a great sight and although our fishing companion, artist Andrew Gifford, tried for the fish with a Bomber, we went away empty handed in fish terms despite his best efforts, but very happy at the spectacle of those wild fish in a wild river.


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