Friday Photograph/ last call for the Nith!

Friday Photograph

Any fishing week during which you catch your biggest-ever salmon is bound to be memorable. But there was so much more to the seven days I spent in New Brunswick last week.   ‘Only’ 15lb? Yep, as it happens, beating my 14.5lber from the Annan on a Trout and Salmon trip six years ago, and here I am playing it on the Moore pool of the River Cains, a Miramichi tributary, last Friday. Earlier in the week I’d fished a ten-foot SH rod, but was glad to encounter this dogged but splendidly coloured cock fish (pictured below, somewhat obscured by my finger over the lens, doh!) on the 14.5ft Vision Cult rod I was using. It’s a good rod actually, and it was a pleasure to team it with a RIO PowerSpey full floating line, without those pesky shooting-head loops (all right, not pesky but they do ‘clatter’ a bit don’t they?). Everything just s-m-o-o-t-h!!!

Last call for the Nith!!!!!!!

Incidentally, this is the last call for anyone who would like to join me on the Nith for the dates Monday 15-Weds 17 inclusive. Here’s what I wrote earlier, there remain 3 rods available for me to book as designated head of the party (the owner expressed she wanted any further rods to book through me), and conditions as I write look perfect with fish being caught up there:

If you fancy your chances fishing a beautiful upland stretch of the Nith, near Sanquhar, and would like to have a last crack at a 2012 salmon, I have three days’ prime-time autumn fishing available on a first-come-first-served basis for four rods (five in all, but I will be fishing myself). I will be fishing the dates Monday October 15, Tuesday 16 and Wednesday 17th inclusive. Join me for one, two or three of these days. While I can offer advice on accommodation, we will just meet at the river each morning at 8.30am. I will provide a light lunch and refreshment (tea and coffee).

Returning a salmon I caught on fly from the upper beat we’ll be fishing, five years ago on a previous October visit.

Another advantage of the upper Nith is that when it rains – and in October in SW Scotland, if often does – the upper river is first to clear and become fishable again.

I can offer advice with casting, where required, but emphasise that although in training for my AAPGAI provisional DH qualification, I remain just that – in training! But on the beat concerned I have caught a salmon on each of the two occasions I have visited it previously in October, so will do all I can to point you towards a fish.

The price will be £70 for one day, £135 for two days or £200 for all three days. All money must be paid in full as soon as possible with cheques made out to Henry Giles and sent to 103 Mereside, Soham, Ely, Cambridgeshire CB7 5EE. Contact me via or phone me on 07961 921726 to register your interest and I look forward to fishing with you.


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