From the Top Boards to Sanquhar…


Just to prove I don’t only write about the Nith in its middle reaches I took up the chance to visit Carnsalloch’s famous Top Boards pool with campsite pal Roger today.
And I was glad I did because the photo here (showing the white ‘top boards’ or Cowhill estate no fishing signs on the far bank) shows the rings of a showing salmon.


And this photo of Roger looking north to Cowhill shows another salmon showing (the rings in the reflection of the tree).
In fact in 45 minutes we saw 15 salmon jumping,  or otherwise showing, and some were big.
Frankly, that’s more than I’ve seen in Russia, Norway or Canada in such a time frame throughout this extraordinary season. It shows the Nith’s great salmon resource was in good health despite a quiet back-end.
Then Roger, who last year caught a superb fresh 23lber at Carnsalloch,took me to Old Water, a tributary of the Cairn. Beautiful but no fish jumping the falls today.
[As I write this post on my smartphone at 11pm in my tent on the banks of another Nith tributary, the Scaur, I can report a substantial splosh from,a running salmon out there in the darkness, brilliant!]
And the upper Nith?
I fish it tomorrow and Tuesday at Ryehill Farm for a grand finale to what has been a globe-trotting season, and d’ya know what?
It feels great to have come home.


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