Gosh, Hardy Greys for sale


Hardy's iconic Bougle reel, little sister of the Perfect. Pretty innit?

It’s quite a shock to hear Hardy Greys are up for sale. Hardys are old friends, they have helped me out personally giving me some great kit to go to Russia with (EWS waders and jacket, still watertight after 3 hard seasons of use) and mending a broken rod I’d lost a Tweed salmon on, thereby cheering me up considerably. Also in lots of of other kind ways – help buying a Swift rod, a flyline that had gone out of productioh, you name it – and with invaluable advice. I went on a tour of their Alnwick factory on a press trip in 2010 to celebrate the launch of their Sintrix range.


My Angel Mk I reel, an old friend, on the Gaula this summer.

I own many of their rods and reels and first visited their old Pall Mall shop in 1979.
Hardy, find a buyer quick and by the way: you’ll always have my support.


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2 Responses to Gosh, Hardy Greys for sale

  1. Thanks Henry! We’re seeing this as a positive move for sure – we’re not in a mad rush to find a buyer it’s about finding the right buyer who can take the company forward, who shares our vision to develop our strong European and North American operations, as well as understanding what lies at the heart of the business.

    • henrygiles says:

      Hi Catriona, Thanks for your comment. I realise of course this is a measured bid to find the right buyer to take Hardy Greys forward into the brave new world we areall inhabiting these days.

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