Follow me, and I’ll follow you

Follow me. And I’ll follow you.

Now here’s a funny thing. I posted this a few days ago (i.e. the post before the ‘Six Nith Salmon’ one I did today. But for some reason it pitched up on HSA on my wedding anniversary (bizarrely) that is to say on September 18 [tag: Posted on September 18, 2012 ]
Why? I do not know fellas. But I’ll post it again any road..
Maybe I’m just going through a time warp. Maybe we all are. (PS if you want to see the original post, plus another pic, with comments go back to the Sept 18 one in the archives. If that makes sense..)

One of my favourite quotes is Mahatma Gandhi’s:
‘There go my people;
I must follow them.’
[I am sure Gandhi used a semi-colon, delivered with his head cocked and a slight shrug..]
Now in the past 7 days over 300 of you have hit on my blog (89 three days ago), and the week before, well more than that (somewhere north of 400 with a day of 95).
And yet I only have 25 fully paid-up (hey, it’s free) followers.
So my request to anyone out there who I hope enjoys HSA is to put their money where their mouth is (hey it’s free, actually!) &
please take about 42 seconds to become a proper follower, the button’s on my home page.
For my part I will draw a new blog subscriber out of my lucky fishing hat that Chloe shrunk in the wash the other day. And I will send you a goody bag of useful things like flies to catch salmon on.
That’s the plan. Thank you.


Oh by the way, I have some good stuff to post in coming weeks including a report on rock N roll drummer Rob the Wad’s trip to the upper Nith (he’s there now), Martin’s November visit to the Annan (you heard, Martin lol) & my big project this winter is to blog 14 years of salmon fishing with photos, starting with a small, coloured grilse from Boleside on the Tweed caught one wet August in 1998.
So keep warm, everyone & may the Force be strong in you.


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