Friday photograph


River Cains, New Brunswick-caught salmon. Mount restored by Andrew Giffin. This fish just leapt off the wall when I saw it & artist, Andrew was with me (pictured, with one of his canvases also hanging in the R Cains lodge we visited).


Andrew, himself a fishing guide, was great company and the whole September visit was very special.




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2 Responses to Friday photograph

  1. This is really special Henry. Thanks a lot. I was honoured by the ASF the MSA and the NBSC on Nov. 6th at the annual Autumn Run Dinner in Saint John. It went very well and I was overwhelmed by that special evening. I gave a short speech and it was well received. I hope to spend more time on the water with you in the future,

    • henrygiles says:

      Glad you like it Andrew – I love your work, as you know! Congratulations on your special evening and ASF, MSA and NBSC honours, I look forward to hearing more about it. I am meeting Christopher the day after tomorrow in London and will know more about my return to NB then but I would say I will definitely be back for at least a week next September and would like to fish with you. Best Henry

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