Glyn’s autumn salmon wisdom

Here’s a very nice snippet from a good blog post you can find via the link on my home page marked FishPal blog. It’s a nice reminder from AAPGAI Master Glyn Freeman on why you should vary your casts while fishing an autumn pool for both fresh (running) and more potted salmon. I would do well to remember it  and so might you:
“Every fifth cast and pace or so down the pool, throw a really square cast that will come around quite fast with the aid of the current on the line and use a fast figure of eight or a strip retrieve. What we are trying to do is not only cover fish that are on the normal lies, but to have a chance at goading a running fish which tend to travel a little higher in the water. Often you can see these fish moving up the river showing frequently, there is nothing guaranteed but just every now and then it happens.”


Returning an autumn fly-caught fish on the Miramichi.


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