Friday Photo sequence


I promised action from Rob Waddington’s trip to the upper Nith last week when his 6 rods caught 6 fish. Here’s two of them in the timeless partnership of man with bent rod (thought bubble: “Hope this one freaking stays on!”) image

and friend with net (thought bubble: “Hope I don’t freaking knock this one off!”) as they play a Nith salmon out in the waters of the upper river near Sanquhar.

These were the exact waters where I had failed to catch a fish 3 weeks ago (& loved every minute of it except when I lost my car keys, finding them sat all day on the bonnet of the Land Rover) so it’s nice to publish these shots.


Rob Waddington with a 2011 Nith fish. He offers guiding and tuition via

Rob is a colourful chap, a veteran of the Nith, who has fished the Varzuga in Russia and has the funniest Kola Peninsula stories I’ve heard, and he guides Rutland Water rainbow trout adventures from his lakeside house at


One of Rob's rods with a nice hen Ryehill salmon

He also has a rock n roll past as the drummer of iconic 80s band New Model Army and Rob and I have one other thing in common:
Despite the success of the rods he guided, neither of us caught a Ryehill salmon this year!


Rob's shed at Ryehill where I too spent happy moments pondering the joys of life last month.

And finally, Rob with a 2011 20-pounder returned to the water. lovely b/w shot:


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