Guideline on the Kola

Nice blog from Guideline on the osenkas of Kola’s Umba

Text & Photo: Dave Parkes. ( A brief report on the penultimate week at UMBA river )

We have fished The Kola Peninsular in Russia annually for almost 20 years, starting on Southern rivers like the Varzuga and Pana, catching lots of small salmon. This is a great learning curve, fortunately there are many fish, so losing a few doesn’t matter because you know, unlike fishing in the UK and most other Atlantic salmon fishing destinations that another one will soon follow. We gained great experience catching these fish. After a few years serving our apprenticeships we met Lawrie Hickman at Murmansk Airport he was then camp manager at Yokanga and he persuaded us to visit this mighty river, which we fished for 7 years, with great success. When Lawrie  left to join Guideline we then frequented the majestic Kharlovka and Litsa and we still enjoy these magnificent rivers.


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