Fishing plans for 2013


Hooked up last night in central London with friend Christopher who has single handedly set up a brand new Miramichi fishing camp over the last 3 years. He and wife Vivian have done up a premium fishing house (pictured) and bought 4 main river pools and I will be hosting a week out there next Sept. Possibly an earlier week, end of June.
I visited in September and was lucky to catch 3 Miramichi/Cains salmon as the river was very low indeed. Can’t wait to go again.
After meeting at a Charles St hostelry we dined on oysters and lamb at the Boudin Blanc in Shepherds Market. It was great fun and best of all gave a solid 90 mins of salmon fishing talk.


August sunset on the Gaula

Metaphorically crossing the Atlantic now, Mikael Frodin will be leading a group on the Gaula next August.
Legendary salmon fisher, legendary pools on a legendary Norwegian river fishing for legendarily big salmon. Sounds like a winner to me! See the NFC website – link on my HSA blog home page -for more details.
I am hosting my own Gaula week too! I have 3 names already and am looking for three more. Let me know if you’re interested (August 2013). Or if you would like to come on a Miramichi adventure.
Or both!


View of the Miramichi from the house

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