Carpe diem


Here’s this Friday’s photo: Ice on the Miramichi. Taken three days ago by Christopher L, from his house. It’s a wild, beautiful place and an awful lot of salmon run that river, ice or no ice.
So thanks to Christopher for the photo, and thanks to Dead Poet Horace for the title of this post.
‘Seize the day.’ Re-immortalised in a whisper over faded sepia school photos by Robin Williams in the 1989 film Dead Poets Society.
The heritage of this part of News Brunswick in salmon fishing terms is immense. They have their own Atlantic salmon fishing museum and although it’s hard spending 2 hours in a museum when you could be on the river, it is ‘so’ worth it. Glass cases full of classic salmon flies, mounted fish. Those rather eery black and white photos of our long-dead angling predecessors (Carpe diem) in wire rimmed glasses with moustaches that would win any Movember contest. You get the picture. We salmon fishermen with our Skagit lines and DVD movies of Skandi shooting-head casting can sometimes take an episodic view of the breadth of our sport today.
But not the depth, not the length, not the linear.
Hearendeththesermon. (Lol.)





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