Friday photo & Happy Christmas!

Friday photo
Let’s be clear about this. This shot of a very low-water Miramichi is not the best shot ever – awkwardly holding the rod in one hand while shooting with the other – but I do like the September light, the Bougle Hardy reel on the 10ft single hander.
And the fact that ten minutes later I was playing a grilse on this set up which grabbed my plastic Templedog tube fished off a full-floating line (you can actually see the spot where it took in the middle left of the picture).
But that was 3 months ago and this is now (I don’t spend my whole life reprising past fishing experiences, just disproportionate parts of it lol).
So I’ll wish all of you a Happy Christmas and tight lines in 2013 now, rather than next week when you’ll all be too busy with your hand inserted up a turkey’s rear end (as it were) to bother with the episodic philosophising of a frustrated fisherman.
Or maybe not… I’ll doubtless post something old/new year-ish. Enjoy!


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