2012, it’s been fun

20120928_135223 (1)Yes it has. A strange year. I see it more as an October to October year because I was made redundant in October 2011.

wpid-2012-08-03-20.57.53.jpgThe first thing I did was to go fishing on the Nith. And then the last thing I did before starting my new job this October just gone was to ..

wpid-20120829_082403.jpgGo fishing on the Nith. Between those times I fished in Russia, Norway (for 2.5 weeks, well 3 near as dammit) and Canada.

I also fished on the Nith in high summer with my father. Dad caught the salmon, a fresh beauty of 10lb.

The salmon fishing itself was not brilliant this year. I caught  – oh blimey – I think 23. Eighteen in Russia but one each in Norway and on the Nith and three on the Miramichi.

wpid-photo-8.jpegI really can’t complain and I’m not complaining. But it has been a tough year. I was talking to Brian Fratel this morning in Farlows where I popped in to deliver my Christmas card to Brian and the team. Not so many big salmon, tough in Norway, tough in Iceland (drought), tough in Canada (drought), tough in many ways in Scotland (certainly a drought of salmon on the Nith this autumn).

wpid-20120719_125527.jpgOkay Russia was an exception with a record Varzuga year and Ponoi doing okay. But the North Kola rivers weren’t so great.

wpid-20120831_204849.jpgSo I started a new (non-fishing) job and I’ve been there 2 months now. It’s meant a new outlook but fishing remains just as important as it has ever been to me. I hope to spend more time fishing in Scotland in 2013, but will also fish, I hope the Gaula and the Miramichi and would love to see any HSA reader come out with me at the last two.

wpid-2012-06-09-13.22.23.jpgA really nice touch yesterday was to get a Christmas card from Margaret Hyslop, the friendly farmer’s wife of Ryehill Farm on the upper Nith where I failed to catch a salmon in October (I wasn’t helped by a five foot flood on day two then having to drive south to start the new job). I emailed her back and said I’d be back to fish next year I hoped.

141220112788Not a glamorous place Ryehill, but a beautiful place. The fishing costs per day the amount I take out of a cashpoint when I’m broke. Unlike the Varzuga which costs considerably more per day (but offers the cheapest cost per salmon available anywhere including the Nith!)

250320123018Strange that isn’t it? Strange but good.



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4 Responses to 2012, it’s been fun

  1. Chloe Giles says:

    Enjoyable read / review of the year! However, remind me who exactly was it a tough year for!?!
    As for next year, at least you will only be getting five weeks holiday for all your ‘tough fishing’ in 2013…I almost feel sorry for hubby now, ummm, no. Now that you are working in Financial Journalism rather then Fishy Journalism I hope to see MORE MONEY instead of MORE FISH!
    Happy Christmas Hubby x

  2. Nick Winter says:

    Thank you, Henry, for bringing fish, fishing and wonderful scenery this year to those of us who have been deskbound but, through your writing and photos, have been able to be by the water in spirit!

    Best wishes for 2013.


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