Strange but good

Just flicked thru my last post to re read my wife’s amusing comment at the end and couldn’t resist further ramblings on the last 3 words at the end: Strange but good.
It struck me that so many things about 2012 have been strange but good.
The UK. Strange (the economic world of pain we now live in). But good (the Olympics and the Queen’s Jubilee).
The weather: strange  but good (sort of, for fishing, but not that good).
The internet? You guessed it: strange but good.
Look, it’s 1.35am on January 1st 2013, I’ve had a cracking NY’s eve here at home with close friends, one of whom, Simon arrived tonight with this photo

of Chloe with our baby girl Pippa taken five and three quarters years ago.
Now we have very early photos of C and P but holding these colour prints which I hadn’t seen before in my hand just left me speechless with happiness.
Rather a nice thing for a friend to bring and we all had a great evening eating homemade curry and playing ‘the Thomas Game’ which basically involves card-format biogs of famous Thomases through history from Cranmer to Jones which you have to arrange in date order.
We played it for two hours while listening to Deadmau5 Ibiza trance remixes on the hi fi while our kids enjoying a sleepover upstairs made periodic appearances, then toasted the new year.
Like life itself it was strange.

But so good.
Happy New Year everyone!


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4 Responses to Strange but good

  1. Ian says:

    Happy New Year Henry

  2. A very happy new year to you and all your family Henners. Sounds like you’ve got life taped – good man!

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