5 flies (well a few more than that actually)


Hello all, hope you are keeping warm.
Since I last posted we have undergone, in England at least, a cold snap and Britain seems potentially sitting on the edge of Europe (it is geopolitical reality: we always were).
Politics, eh? Politics and fishing.
But let’s get back to fishing.
Now wherever in the world you fish for Atlantic salmon – the UK, Russia, Norway, Ireland, Iceland, Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia – it is all one species – and if you have the following in your fly box (one in half- or one-inch brass or cone-headed plastic tubes and one in a dressed fly version tied on, say a size 7 silver or gold (as a salmon flyfisher I’m a fashion victim, naturally) Salar for summer work or as small as 12 or 14 treble in low water) you won’t go too far wrong:

Orange flies:
Flamethrower, Ally’s Shrimp, Cascade, Mediator, (Ross Macdonald’s) Park Shrimp

Black and yellow flies (used in its broadest term):
Monkey, Black and yellow, Tosh, Posh Tosh

Dark flies with flash:
Phatagorva or similar dark coloured Templedog, pictured above, (or Hakan Norling’s original Templedog come to that, a lovely fly), Silver Stoat, Stoats Tail, (Sandy Leventon’s) Editor (good for fresh fish).

Reddish coloured flies (good for the back-end):
Red Ally’s, Red Frances (as Roxtons’ Christopher Robinson once told me, can make the fish go just bananas, they can behave like it’s a real shrimp – but although they may disturb every salmon in the pool, one of them may well take it)


Ones to try:
Sunray Shadow, Collie Dog or similar 2-3inch winged fly worked across the flow on a floating line,
Red Frances (again! always worth a try if nowt else is working)

Yes with these flies you won’t go far wrong in 2013.
Not long now!

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3 Responses to 5 flies (well a few more than that actually)

  1. That lovely Park Shrimp conehead that you gave me is looking forward to getting a swim in the Wye in a few weeks time! 🙂

    • henrygiles says:

      Dave I hope it catches you a Wye salmon – and a Nith one come to that. Keep in touch & I hope to put pictures of your fish up on HSA in due course. Tight lines Henry

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