Opening ceremonies

I feel a bit of a fraud here as I have never attended an opening day ceremony on a salmon river (although thinking about it have fished Day 1 of Russia’s Varzuga two years running altho there was no opening ceremony as such even though this river kicks off the whole season on the Kola peninsula).


But just thought I’d post/paste here some thoughts I’ve just commented on Ian Gordon’s blog link on the opening of the River Spey last week on Facebook’s Salmon Fishing Club:

“I enjoyed your thoughtful piece Ian. U R right the growing emphasis of the gathering of like minds on the river bank that is the opening ceremony on many of our major rivers now is a very positive manifestation of the fast growing and powerful social (national & international) side of our sometimes/often solitary sport. This goes further too, as it is nothing less than an international movement of like minded & sporting & conservational-minded men & women.  On a personal note it is particularly special to think of the mighty Spey this year as I will be fishing for the first time ever for a week in late June. Happy days & tight lines all & let’s hope for an excellent run of spring fish on the Spey & elsewhere”

I have a good few days in fishing terms (all right not actual fishing but next best thing – meeting fishing friends) this week with a Farlows Norway evening tomorrow and a talk on salmon fishing in Canada on Wednesday.

Tomorrow particularly nice also as I work till lunchtime only as a birthday treat!

May your weeks be good ones; shall try and blog some reports of my get-togethers in due course. In case you’re interested!


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