The FB Salmon Adventure


If anyone would like to drop by at my Facebook Salmon Adventure page, please Like it. Thank you.
Not that this (HSA) blog is going anywhere but I’ll be putting some good info up there on FB and thanks to the 80 of you who dropped by this week already.
Still can’t get over how exciting the month of June will be this year with trips to the Gaula (join me for May 31-June 3, NFC rods available with an inexpensive return flight from Gatwick and decent – for Norway – shared hire car costs) and my first ever Spey visit, a week on the lower river.
Will be fascinating to compare both rivers and fishing techniques. Sink 2 & 3 lines on Gaula but could well be floaters all the way on Spey let’s see.
As Pippa might say, How many sleeps till June?


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2 Responses to The FB Salmon Adventure

  1. moyfisher says:

    HI Henry
    Very impressive site.

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