It’s all good

It's all good

The date was October 2007, I was fishing down the Trolley pool at Closeburn Castle and my Irish Shrimp fly was taken in the fast water at the head of the pool.
The end of the floating line drew away and there was that wonderful salmon tug on the line, only my second-ever salmon from that pool after all those times I’d tried before. I played the fish, as the lunching rods over at the Barjarg hut looked on, drew it into the shallow water and was able to get a hand on the tail then get a very quick pic on the old Nokia and release it quickly and it swam strongly away. It was a good moment. Whenever you catch a salmon, wherever you catch a salmon, it feels good.
It is good.
Keeping warm everyone? I’m not really, feel constantly cold but now I’m walking up the hill into Soham town centre to meet my small family and a couple of best friends at one of our Soham curry houses and I already know what I’m ordering, a chicken tikka Bengal.
It is, and I have to use asterisks here, a ******g hot dish. It is also, fired by the wonderfully tasty Bengal indigenous chillies, a great-tasting one. And as the sleety snow streams down here in Cambridgeshire, right now it feels the only thing that’ll warm me up.
Good evenings everyone, sorry for the slightly less than coherent post. I blame the weather.


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