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A weekend full of the promise of summer as a huge low pressure brought the warm winds up from Africa. The world is waking up, we saw the first ducklings, well Chloe did out riding, the swan is nesting, the rabbits doing what rabbits do best I’m sure. No swallows yet but they’ll arrive any day to nest in our feed shed as they have successfully every year. Everything a bit delayed by the cold March.
This year marks 8 years here at Pond House and it feels a real achievement. Always lots to do outside & sometimes I feel like Handy Manny, with tools tucked into my belt and, as I was on Saturday, carrying an 8lb hammer (you’re fishermen, you know how heavy 8lb is!) For a spot of light fencing.
Then yesterday filling the horses’ water up in the meadow.
Tiring but good tiring. Chloe works much harder physically through the week looking after the 7 horses on our yard.
Promise of summer? Yes lots of fishing organised. The latest week being August 4-11 on the Gaula on the sublime Norwegian Flyfishers Club rotation fishery. A full seven days of fishing broken into 6-hour spells on different beats. So far a very small group of myself and David H, who had rebooked after visiting last August. We may stay in the new Rogstad Moen lodge, 8km up from Storen. A lovely week when the river is with luck at its fullest, big fish from June and July joined by the grilse run.
If you would like to come, shout! I will host and sort all logistics, flights and hire car.


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